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Eternal Sunshine of the Weary Optimistic Mind

Yes, I know I stole the title of the new, cool looking Jim Carrey movie. Quiet.

6 October
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I theorize that if I didn't spend all my time posting on 4chan, updating my livejournal, roleplaying in chat, and talking on AIM, I would be a fairly productive writer. I'm also good at making excuses and procrastinating, though, so that theory could be absolute crap.

I'm a Chicago suburbs boy in a lovely little college flailing with minimal direction toward the fabled Real Life. In addition to the interests listed below, I also enjoy overthinking everything, armchair philosophy, and The Internet in all its glory.

Recently I've began wondering just what it is I want to do in this "real life" thing. A friend of mine recently asked me if I had a dream. Most of my answers involved making a lot of money so I could do whatever, go wherever I wanted, but that's cheating. Passing interest in just about everything does not equal having a dream. So maybe as I write this thing I'll figure out what my dreams really are. They probably involve spaceships and cartoons in some way, so let's see what happens.